How to personalize your bulletins.

As a subscriber to Children's Worship Bulletins, you can personalize your bulletins free of charge!

Personalize your bulletins. 

From the home page click on the personalization tab.  By default, the I don’t want personalization option will be selected.

The second option is for text only. Choose I want only text to show then begin typing your church information into the text box. Once the text is entered, be sure to click save. After clicking save you can scroll down and see a preview of what the personalization will look like on your bulletin. You can change the way the text looks by going back up to the text box and editing. You can bold the text, change the size, or change the style of the font. Remember to click save when you are finished editing. Then scroll down to see the preview. You can also change the alignment of the text. 

For the third option, choose I want only the Image I upload to show. Then click on “choose file”. Once you have selected the image you would like to use, click Upload File. Scroll down to see a preview of the image on your bulletin.

The last option is to have both an image and text on your bulletin. If you already have text entered in to the text box and you have already uploaded your image simply click Save. You can then still edit the text that appears beside the image. Go back to the text box, edit the text and click Save

Once you have updated the personalization for your bulletin it will print on any bulletin that you download from the website. You can change or update the personalization at any time, just be sure to click Save for the updated information to appear on your bulletins.

What kind of information can I personalize on the bulletins? 

You can personalize the bulletins with any information you wish.  The customization tool is just a text box so you can put your church address and contact information into the space, or use the personalization space for special announcements and reminders. 

You can also include your church’s logo or a small photo of your choice.

The only limitation is the amount of text and size that will fit into the space.  If you put more information in than the space allows, the bulletin does not resize, it will cut off your personalization.  

What is the upgrade cost to personalize bulletins?

We are proud to offer you the personalization feature absolutely FREE with your membership. No need to upgrade and no hidden fees.

Do you have to personalize your bulletins?

The personalization feature is designed to enhance the bulletins if you choose, but is not required to print the bulletins.  If the personalization feature is on and you wish to turn it off, select I don't want personalization and click Save.


Please note that personalization is only offered for bulletins downloaded online. It is not available for bulletins sent to you as part of a quarterly packet.

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