Are the Children's Worship Bulletins dated? Can I change that date?

All of our bulletins are dated for the Sunday they are intended to be used.

If you wish to change or remove the date on the bulletin before you print it out, first select your bulletin by clicking on the image of the bulletin to preview it. 

Click on any bulletin thumbnail when browsing the site. You'll see a bulletin detail that has additional links on it and shows all 4 panels without downloading. 

On the top right side of the bulletin, you will see Click to Change Date with a big red arrow.   

Click the arrow and a pop-up calendar will be displayed.

Use this to select the date. Once you select a date you want, when you View or Download the bulletin PDF, that date will show. 

Or you can choose "Remove Date" and no date will not show on your bulletin when you View or Download the bulletin PDF. 

Here is a full demo:

At this time, there is not an option to remove the date from the printed bulletins mailed to you, only to remove the date online.

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