Choosing a Bulletin Online

Are you looking for an alternative bulletin to match this Sunday's sermon or for a special day?  You can choose from over 1,000 bulletins online for no additional charge!

How to Choose Your Own Bulletin

To choose a different bulletin than what was mailed or emailed to you, simply go to our website at and log in. If you've never logged into the website before, learn how in this article Getting Started: Children's Worship Bulletins.

After you've logged into the  Home page, you'll see the option to CHOOSE YOUR OWN in the lower right-hand corner. You can then find a different bulletin based on Scripture, Lectionary or Topic.

Search for Bulletins by Scripture 

To search by Scripture, click on the drop-down arrow in the Select Scripture box, and then click on a book of the Bible. Next click on an age group.  The bulletins are arranged by chapter, across the top of the screen. You can click on the different chapters to see the bulletins offered for each chapter. Then scroll down the page to find the bulletins for the specific verses of that chapter. 

Each bulletin is in color with a black and white counterpart.  Bulletins that include the "Games" link under the thumbnail are those that include Online Games.

If you have subscribed to both age groups, click on the quick link to jump to the same scripture selection for the other age group.

Search for Bulletins by Topic

 Our topic list includes (but is not limited to):

  •  Christmas Bulletins
  •  Christmas Eve Bulletins
  •  Easter Bulletins
  •  Easter Sunrise Service Bulletins
  •  Good Friday Bulletins
  •  Thanksgiving Bulletins
  •  Mother's Day Bulletins
  •  Father's Day Bulletins

To search by topic, click on the Select Topic drop-down menu. Choose a topic and age group to see the offerings for that subject. Repeat for the second age group or use the shortcut link.

Search for Bulletins by Lectionary

The bulletins on the home page follow the lectionary you receive by mail or email. However, there are 3 Scripture schedules that you can search under the Choose Your Own option.

  • Revised Common Lectionary (default)
  • Revised Common Lectionary with Lutheran variations
  • Lectionary for Mass

Select a Lectionary, and then select your age group. The available bulletins that follow that particular Lectionary reading will be listed by date order.

And don't forget, you have unlimited downloads available to you, free of charge with your membership! 

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