Getting Started: Children's Worship Bulletins

We've made some exciting updates to the website that makes finding and downloading bulletins faster than before. PLUS we've added all-new content! 

  1. Finding the Featured Weekly Bulletins
  2. Finding Bulletins for the Current Quarter
  3. Finding Bulletins by Scripture, Lectionary or Topic
  4. Personalize your Bulletin
  5. Download and Print Your Bulletins
  6. Games, Bible Lessons, Activity Pages, Maps, Charts and More

Finding the Featured Weekly Bulletins

Every Monday, Children’s Worship Bulletins features 3 bulletins for both age groups: the Gospel, Old Testament, and Epistle readings from the Revised Common Lectionary.  We also offer bulletins that follow the Lectionary for Mass and the Revised Common Lectionary with Lutheran Variations.

The bulletins are featured on the Home page for this coming Sunday

If you have an electronic membership:

The bulletins featured on the Home page are emailed to the email address listed in the account.  These bulletins follow the lectionary you've chosen. 

Our default Scripture schedule is the Editor's Pick that follows the Revised Common Lectionary, but you can change your options to follow any of these lectionaries: 

  • Editor's Pick (Follows the Revised Common Lectionary.)
  • Revised Common Lectionary with Lutheran variations
  • Lectionary for Mass

To change your Reading Plan (Lectionary) choice, click on My Account >> Change my Email Delivery Preferences.  

If you have a paper membership:

The bulletins are mailed to you in advance for an entire quarter. We only mail out Gospel bulletins following the Revised Common Lectionary.  

You can also access these featured bulletins on the home page of the website after you log in as a member.  These bulletins are located in the two age group boxes on the home page. 

Finding Bulletins for the Current Quarter

If you would like to access the full quarter online, you can click on the "Current Quarter" links at the top of the website: 

You will see all of the bulletins for the Lectionary you've chosen for the quarter by clicking on the Current Quarter at the top of the website. The default is bulletins for the Revised Common Lectionary. 

If you'd like to work ahead to the next quarter, Bulletins for any given month are published on the 1st of the month two months prior to their use (Example: Billuetins for September are published on July 1st, bulletins for October are published on August 1st, etc.). 

Finding Bulletins by Topic, Scripture or Lectionary

The choose your own box on the HOME page is where you can choose a bulletin based on Topic, Scripture, or Lectionary.

To search by topic, click on the Select Topic drop-down menu and then choose a topic and age group to see the offerings for that subject.  Repeat for the second age group or use the shortcut link.

To search by Scripture, click on the drop-down arrow in the Select Scripture box, and then click on a book of the Bible. Next click on an age group.  The bulletins are arranged by chapter, across the top of the screen. You can click on the different chapters to see the bulletins offered for each chapter. Then scroll down the page to find the bulletins for the specific verses of that chapter. 

Each bulletin is in color with a black and white counterpart.  Bulletins that include the "Games" link under the thumbnail are those that include Online Games.

If you have subscribed to both age groups, click on the quick link to jump to the same scripture selection for the other age group.

Personalize Your Bulletin

The Personalize feature has often been referred to as the best thing since sliced bread.  You can add your church’s contact information and logo so that it appears on the bottom of the front page of the bulletin.  This is a GREAT advertisement for your church!  Right away, this can give visitors your contact information and show that your church is invested in teaching children about God.

To access this feature, click on the Personalize link at the top of the page and follow the instructions.  And the best part--you only add it once and the personalization will print on each bulletin that you download. You can update the personalization as often as you wish. 

We suggest that you include your church’s full contact information (Pastor’s name, church name, address, phone number, and website).  This gives visiting parents a point of contact. 

Change or Remove the Date

By default, the date published on the bulletins is for the upcoming Sunday.  But you may need the bulletin for another date. 

To change ore remove the date, first, click on the thumbnail of your bulletin. Then click on the red Change the Date Arrow above the front panel of the bulletin.  A calendar will open. Click on the desired date and that date will print on the bulletin. 

Download and Print Your Bulletin

First, a housekeeping item. The bulletins are PDF files and are designed to be opened and printed through Adobe Reader or in a browser that displays and prints PDF files.  Make sure that Adobe Reader is your computer’s default PDF reader and that you have the most current version of Adobe. This is a free download and you can access that download by clicking here.

Choose the bulletin that you want. One option to download the bulletin is to click on the quick links under the bulletin thumbnail anytime you see it. 

Or if you clicked on a bulletin thumbnail and are viewing the entire bulletin, you can click on either the ‘View Bulletin PDF’ or ‘Download Bulletin PDF’ link. The bulletin will load into your browser or download to your computer as a PDF. 

While viewing the PDF, click on the printer icon in the upper right or use your browser’s or Adobe Reader's print commands to print.

Note: When printing the bulletins, you will print Landscape orientation on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Check with your specific printer for instructions with duplex printing if you want to print on both sides (choose to flip on the short side if that is an option). 

Games, Bible Lessons, Activity Pages, Maps, Charts and More

Online Games
Want to continue the learning at home? With the Electronic Version, the Children's Worship Bulletins Games feature provides online games based on the Scripture verses on the bulletin.  There is no advertising or tracking on this site. It is totally 100% safe for kids.  

Simply open the Children's Worship Bulletins @Home page and enable the feature.  Once the game feature is turned on, a new secret code will print on the bottom of each weekly bulletin. Games will rotate between Word Searches, Gems of the Bible, Memory Match Games and Coloring Pages.

All parents need to do is go to, help kids enter their secret code, and they're in. There they'll find games that correspond with their bulletin, reinforcing the message they learned earlier in the week.

This feature can be turned on and off at any time by the administrator.

Bible Story Lessons, Maps & Charts and Special Resources
Look on the Home page or in the Header for links to these additional resources to help your children learn the Bible and having fun doing it! The Bible Story Lessons include a teacher guide and activity sheets for two age groups. We've also included links to match Worship Bulletins for that book and chapter.

We hope that you and your children enjoy the bulletins!  Check out these links below for more information about your membership.

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