Questions about changing your account to include both age groups?

Looking to upgrade your account to include both age groups?  Wonderful!  Here are just a few things to keep in mind when changing your account from a single age group to both age groups.

Changing your Membership to both age groups. 

If you want to upgrade your account to include both age groups, simply go to My Account >> Change Plan under Plan Details.

Select which delivery method and billing option you would like, then click Change Plan.

By upgrading your subscription, you'll be able to download BOTH age groups from the website today. 

If you currently receive your bulletins each week by e-mail, you will begin receiving both age groups in next week's e-mail. If you are receiving the bulletins by mail, we will send the next available quarter via USPS.

How will the upgrade change my billing and end dates?  

Since changing to both age groups cancels your membership and restarts a new membership, your account will have a new end date.

If your account has already been paid for, you will receive a credit for any unused portion of the original membership towards your new membership.  You will then receive an invoice for the new membership.  Be sure to give your treasurer or church secretary a heads up that a new invoice will be coming and that your membership has a new end date.  If this outstanding balance is not paid, you will lose access to the full website, we do not reinstate your old membership.

If the credit amount exceeds the cost of the new membership, your membership expiration date will be extended equally to that credit.

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