How to turn on or off your Children's Bulletins @Home Games Secret Code

Children's Worship Bulletins Online Games is an interactive site FREE with your electronic membership that allows kids to enter a secret code to play games that correspond with the current week's bulletin. We rotate through four fun games - Memory Match, Word Search, Gems of the Bible, and Coloring Book so each week there is something new to play. Whether you receive bulletins for ages 3-6, 7+ or both age groups, we've geared the games toward all age levels so everyone can join in the fun.

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How to turn ON this feature
How to turn OFF this feature

How to turn ON the secret code for the games feature.

By default, the feature will be set to off. To turn the games feature, simply go to Online Games Tab in the top menu, then click on the toggle button.

Once you turn "On" this feature, look for bulletins that have "Games" listed under them and you can

Here is a tutorial on how to turn on the Children's Bulletins Online Games feature:

Now that you have turned the Bulletins Online Games feature on, any bulletin with Games attached will print with a special game code. 

Watch for the "Games" link and you can view and test the games for that bulletin yourself - its quite fun! 

The game code and the URL to access the games online will be printed on the bottom right of the bulletin, still allowing room for the personalization feature. 

How to turn OFF this feature.

To turn off the @Home games feature, click the Online Games tab on the home screen once you are logged in. Then click the toggle button to the OFF position. The games feature will now be turned off and the secret code for the games will not appear on the bulletins.

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