About our Electronic Membership Delivery Option

Have questions about our electronic e-mail delivery option?  Learn more below about when bulletins are sent, choosing your scripture readings and format options.

For your convenience, Children’s Worship Bulletins is a continuous subscription to ensure you don't miss an issue.  You may cancel at any time. 

When are bulletins e-mailed?

Your bulletins will be sent to your email on Mondays for use on the upcoming Sunday.  However, you may access your account at any time online at www.ChildrensBulletins.com to preview, select, and download the bulletins of your choice.

What format are bulletins emailed?  

You can have your Children's Worship Bulletins masters e-mailed to you two different ways.

Bulletins sent as attachments. 

If you choose to have them sent as an attachment, the worship bulletin PDFs will be sent to your inbox. When you check your email, they will actually download right to your inbox. All you need to do is double-click on the attached PDFs and they will open instantly into Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is the most convenient way to receive your worship bulletins. 

Links to bulletins. 

If you choose to have them sent as a link to click and download, your weekly email will contain the hyperlink to download the bulletins. You'll simply click the link and the bulletin will begin to download and open up in your web browser. If you'd like to save it to your hard drive, you'll just need to click the disk icon at the top of the browser screen and tell it where to save it.

To choose who you would prefer to receive your bulletins each week, go to  My Account >> Change my Email Delivery Preferences under the Membership & Billing section, select which option you prefer, and click Save.

NOTE: If you wish to NOT receive a weekly email, choose the option "Do not send weekly bulletin email" and hit Save.

What are my scripture options?

As an electronic member, you may choose which scripture schedule you would like to follow under My Account >> Change my Email Delivery Preferences under the Membership & Billing section.

Our current Scripture schedules are:

  1. Editor's Pick (That follows the Revised Common Lectionary)
  2. Revised Common Lectionary with Lutheran variations
  3. Lectionary for Mass

Want to switch to electronic delivery?

If you're currently receiving paper masters of the bulletins through USPS mail delivery, you can easily switch to electronic delivery by logging into your account.

Once logged in, go to My Account >> Change to Email Delivery and select Change to Electronic Version.

The next screen will confirm any balance owed or credit that will be applied to your updated account. If you have no questions, then click the blue button to Change to Electronic button to complete the switch.

Are Spanish Bulletins offered?

We have a set in our Spanish Resources Library. We do not create them ongoing and you will not find them in the library of bulletins. 

We do not offer the bulletins in any other language. 

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