How to Download Bulletins from the Website

The bulletins for each week are posted to the website on Monday morning.  You can access them and download them by going to the Home Page on your account.

First, a housekeeping item. The bulletins are PDF files and are designed to be opened and printed through Adobe Reader or in a browser that displays and prints PDF files.  Make sure that Adobe Reader is your computer’s default PDF reader and that you have the most current version of Adobe. This is a free download and you can access that download by clicking here.

Choose the bulletin that you want. One option to download the bulletin is to click on the quick links under the bulletin thumbnail anytime you see it. 

Or if you clicked on a bulletin thumbnail and are viewing the entire bulletin, you can click on either the ‘View Bulletin PDF’ or ‘Download Bulletin PDF’ link. The bulletin will load into your browser or download it to your computer as a PDF. 

While viewing the PDF, click on the printer icon in the upper right or use your browser’s or Adobe Reader's print commands to print.

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